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Beer tapping in the pavilion at the Alpspitzbahn
On time at 12:00 – the same time as on the famous Oktoberfest (“Wies’n”) in Munich – the Head of OC, Birgit
Willmerdinger, could tap a beer barrel. “O'zapft is” was carried out only after 3 shots - and even as the beer tap
was set correctly Birgit pushes further shots jauntily. Not the Bavarian Prime Minister Horst Seehofer, but the
president of the Bavarian Deaf Sports Federation (BGS), Josef Scheitle, gets the first beer pint.
The catering offered delicious food, e.g. coated rolls and pretzels, nut corners (very delicious!), some cakes and
so on, there was also a beverage bar with different beverages, regardless of whether or not a few percent they
have. Some believed that they were drunk, because the floor in the pavilion was not quite even.
Show performances from the ski school Nesselwang
At 17:00 the spectators, athletes, officials and the organization volunteers came together at the Alpspitzbahn,
in order to watch the show performances of the ski instructors of the ski school Nesselwang. Some first ski
instructors showed artistic formation swings and then further 13 ski instructors hold different flags of 13
participating nations and went skiing down to the crowd.
These ski instructors handed over the flags to the flag bearers of the respective nations accompanied by the
boller shots from the hunters.
Then all people went through the town Nesselwang to the Champions Park, which was led by the traditional
Bavarian music band of Nesselwang.
Walk to the Champions Park
A lot of people walked through the town to the Champions Park. The firefighters of Nesselwang blocked off the
road traffic for a short time, as if the German president would be present. It is not the case but the 1st World
Deaf Alpine Skiing Championships will run under the auspices of the patronages, the former German finance
minister Dr. Theo Waigel and the former and famous world-class skier Irene Epple-Waigel who walked there
together with the participating nations.
Official opening ceremony in the Champions Park
In the Champions Park near by the Alpspitz hall the official opening ceremony took place. The patronages Dr.
Theo Waigel and Irene Epple-Waigel, the Mayor of Nesselwang Fritz Erhart, the President of the ski club
Nesselwang Karl Schmid, the Managing Director (CEO) of the ISCD Mark Cooper in representation of the ICSD
Board, the DGS President Karl-Werner Broska and the Head of the Organizing Committee Birgit Willmerdinger
served as speaker. The Technical Director Alpine Skiing in ICSD, Mike Schmauser, handed over the ICSD flag to
Birgit Willmerdinger, which then was hoisted by the four soldiers. During this action the 1st World Deaf Alpine
Skiing Championships was opened solemnly with profound bass music by the Bavarian music band. Finally
there was a beautiful firework with lots of loud popping effects along with beautiful, light and fluffy snowfall.

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