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Today the sun remained faithful to us, it was sunny, but this morning at 8:00 it was minus 14 degrees.
According to the weather forecasts, temperatures should rise in the next days at lunch (till to 0 degrees). The
sun shall shine more often.
In the pavilion we found out that many beverage bottles (water, apple juices and soft drink bottles), as well as
the water pipes were frozen over night! Likewise, the water flushing in the toilet house nearby did not work
because the water was frozen. But the catering team still managed to serve the people in time to the start of
the competitions.
All was prepared and built up in the finish area for the competitions.
It is the first time in the deaf sport history in Alpine Skiing that the big video screen (10 meters width and 4
meters high) was built up in the finish area for all spectators. This screen shows the live recording of the last
race track section and the live time directly after the race start and after the race finish with summary of the
actual best 5 ski racers.
More and more spectators came - they talked enthusiastically - in anticipation of the start of the first ski racer.
At the 1st run there were exciting competitions, especially in the junior class.
In the women class Teresa Kmochová (CZE) won the 1st run with the excellent time of 1:01.81, no wonder she
has been called in the hearing Czech national B team and edged out Rea Hraski (CRO), who was about 1 second
slower. Amanda Mooneyham reached the third place in this run.
In the women junior class Rea Hraski (CRO; 1:02.95) was leaving the second ranked Anja Drev (SLO) and third
Melissa Köck (AUT).
In the men class Steiner (SUI) led the first run with 1:01.03 ahead to Philipp Eisenmann (GER; +0.64 sec.) and
Nicolas Sarremejane (FRA).
In the masters class (above 35 years) Philipp Eisenmann led ahead to David Pelletier (FRA) and Werner Locher
In the men junior class it was very thrilling: Max Pähler (GER) won the first run with 1:05.40 min only with 0.07
sec. ahead to Tomas Mensa (CZE) and with 0.65 sec. ahead to Simon Glatt (GER). The best 5 junior ski racers
scored the 1:06-time there!
The actual first three ski racers in the women and men class may stand in front of the sponsor wall in the finish
area, which was organized by Josef Willmerdinger. So the media people had the possibility to make photos and
movies of these ski racers.
The last ski racer (in the women and men class each) of the 1st run has to start as the first ski racer in the 2nd
run, the first ski racer of the 1st run had to start as the last ski racer in the 2nd run.
Now the 2nd run:
In the women class the favorite Tereza Kmochová (CZE) could increase his lead in the second leaving second
ranked Rea Hraski (CRO) and third Veronika Grygarova (CZE) and won the gold medal with a total time of
In the women junior class Rea Hraski won the gold medal ahead to Anja Drev (SLO) and Kristina Köck (AUT).
In the men class Philipp Eisenmann (GER) achieved the silver medal as Vice World Champion – finally the
longed medal in his career! There was a tough time battle with Philipp Steiner (SUI), who won the gold medal

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