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Unfortunately the sun has escaped only once; in the morning the sky was overcast - by fog and clouds. It was
measured with minus 10 degrees.
Today it is a competition event again: the Super-G. It is a mixture of downhill and giant slalom.
Tensely the spectators waited for the first ski racer. Shortly after 10:00 it happened.
In the women class there was nothing new - the result order was the same as yesterday. Tereza Kmochová
from Czech Republic won her gold medal with a time of 1:06.79 ahead to Rea Hraski (CRO) and Veronika
Grygarova (CZE). The gap between the winner and the silver medalist was much closer than yesterday, 36
hundredths of a second!
In the women junior class Rea Hraski (CRO) won her gold medal with the time of 1:07.15 ahead to Melissa
Köck (AUT) and Anja Drev (SLO).
During the race the slight snow falls down.
The race for the men class was unfortunately not without injury. Ivan Gubarevic from Russia fell heavily, broke
a gate with him and lay still. He then had to be transported down from the mountain rescue by Ski jet to the
finish area. He was responsive and said that it was all ok. But the doctor had the suspicion of a neck injury and
called the helicopter which transported him to the hospital in Kempten for further checkup. The race was
interrupted for ½ hours. After the Ski jet drove up to the start and some slipper prepared the run track briefly
again the race could been released then.
After the checkup in the hospital there are no serious injuries found with Ivan Gubarevic. He went well and we
are very happy.
After the re-start of the race some runners complained about the snow and the slightly slower track. It was
expected due to the race interruption.
In the men class Philipp Steiner from Switzerland won the race with a time of 1:04.13 in front of Nicolas
Sarremejane (FRA; +1.66 sec.) and Christoph Lebelhuber (AUT; +1.52 sec.).
In the men junior class Tomas Mensa (CZE) won it again with 1:08.92 in front of Max Pähler (GER), who was 21
hundredths of a second slower, and Michael Glatt (GER; +0.50 sec.).
In the master class David Pelletier from France (1:06.71) won the race in front of Philipp Eisenmann (GER;
+1.57 sec.) and Bernd Weitgasser (GER).
After the race there was again a flower ceremony. The mayor of Nesselwang could hand over the cowbells
from the local region Allgäu and the official persons of the deaf sports the honorary awards to the best three
ski racers of each class.
The official medal ceremony took place (and from now today - NEW!) in front of the final area near by the lift
station “Kronenhang” and not in the Champions Park.
Tomorrow the Super Combined (Super G and slalom; 1 run each) will take place. The Super-G race will start at
10:00 and the novelty night slalom (slalom under the lights) at 18:00.
Come there and experience the spectacular event!

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News 26.03.2013

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