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On Tuesday evening few visitors came to the video show evening in the pavilion (probably the ski racers must
go to bed, because Wednesday will be a long and exhausting day of the race for them). But great video films of
the competition days were admired – we send a big praise to the media team (Kühnlein, Buhr and
Klingemann). Stefan Pöllmann has organized the videos, also thank you! The OC team was present.
Today 3 persons celebrate their birthday: Josef Scheitle, Helga Trempeck (from the Catering-Team) and Franz
Steinmüller (our Chief of course) from the ski club Nesselwang. We have congratulated them with many
handshakes and surprising gifts.
This morning the sky was "shades of gray" - minus 4 degrees and the ice cold east wind blown. Above the sky
sometimes the sun shined in the starting area (with gaps in the clouds).
The super-combined competition with the Super-G race at 10:00 clock and the night slalom race at 18:00 is the
sporting event today.
Before the start Roland Kühnlein interviewed many ski racers. Most ski racers said they have never challenged
the night slalom.
The Super-G race started at 10:15 only, because a slipper had cut through the communication cable with his
skis accidentally and this cable had to be renewed. About 65 school children from the Augsburg deaf school
came to the competition. They watched the race with excitement and were amazed how fast the ski ski racers
go skiing.
In the women class the top favorite Tereza Kmochová (CZE) led with 1:07.75 in front of Veronika Grygarova
(CZE; +0,58 sec.) and Rea Hraski (CRO; +1.14 sec.).
In the women junior class Rea Hraski laid in front of Anja Drev (SLO) and Melissa Köck (AUT).
In the men class, Philip Steiner (SUI) is leading in front again (1:04.76) of Nicolas Sarremejane (FRA; +1.18 sec.)
and Christoph Lebelhuber (AUT; +1.46 sec.).
Meanwhile we heard that Ivan Gubarevic from Russia, who was hurled yesterday, was out of the hospital and
had sustained no serious injuries. He announced to compete in the competition tomorrow.
In the men junior class Tomas Mensa (CZE; 1:08.37) led against Max Pähler (GER, who is back only 2
hundredths of a second!) and Lukas Käfer (AUT; +0.53 sec.).
In the master class David Pelletier (FRA) was the first winner in front of Philipp Eisenmann (GER) and Oswald
Strickner (AUT).
Due to the start of the night slalom race in the evening hours today, the diner exceptionally was cancelled and
replaced with the 12-16 lunch at the Lympic village. The flower ceremony will take place in the pavilion
immediately after the race; the official medal ceremony will be done tomorrow (Thursday, 28th Feb) at 17:00.
This competition took place under bad weather conditions - it was foggy (visibility about 300 meters) and it
was so windy that the spectators frozen a little.
In the women class from the first race on Tereza Kmochova (CZE) has been leading in the overall and has been
untouchable. 1st after the first run of today’s race, she handled the foggy conditions the best way to record the
fastest time of the second run to finally snatch her 3rd gold medal win this championships. She clocked a
combined time of 1:46.80 and overtook Rea Hraski (CRO) and Veronika Grygarova (CZE) who ended just
behind, more than 1 second off the pace.
In the women junior class Rea Hraski won her 3rd junior gold medal ahead to Kristina Köck (AUT) and Beatrice
Brunnbauer (AUT).
In the men class Philipp Steiner (SUI) won the gold medal (for the third time) with 1:44.41 again ahead to
Nicolas Sarremejane (FRA; +1.14 sec.) and David Pelletier (FRA).
In the men junior class, finally the World champion title was awarded to the German ski racer again. In this
case it is Max Pähler, who pointed with his 1:50.39 Tomas Mensa (CZE; +0.90 sec.) to the 2nd place. Third was
Michael Glatt (GER).
In the master class David Pelletier (FRA) won again ahead to Philipp Eisenmann (GER) and Oswald Strickner
Today tonight the live TV broadcast took place in the pavilion. It is the quarterfinal game in the German
Football Cup (DFB Cup) between FC Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. Many Bayern fans cannot wait to
see the football game eagerly.
At the end of this game they had good mood, because Bayern Munich won 1-0 by Arjen Robben.
Tomorrow, on Thursday, is a free day for the athletes. At this day, among other things, the "Fun Biathlon"
(running and then shooting) was offered to all deaf people. Till now 25 people have signed up for this fun

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