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In the morning the sky was "shades of gray" because of the thick fog. This morning it had only minus 2
The ski racers took this day for training; they improved their skiing techniques for the giant slalom tomorrow.
Some coaches watched the ski racers exactly and gave them valuable instructions on how ski racers should
improve. The other persons had the opportunity to go skiing.
At the top, at the Alpspitz, the sun was shining - and it was even warmer than the bottom!
A perfect weather!
The fun biathlon, where everyone (not only the tourists but also the athletes) was able to participate in, was a
complete success! After the introduction of using the rifles the people were divided into 5 groups. Contrary to
the normal World Cup the deaf participants had to shoot the rifle lying with hanging on a wooden support.
Instead of skiing, they had to run. The award ceremony was held after the medal ceremony of the supercombined
It is a pity that not many athletes from different nations have participated in this event. Instead of it there
were Germans and some Austrians here. All participants had a lot of fun with this event. Maybe the Deaf
World Biathlon Championships will be founded in the next time?
At 17:00 the official medal ceremony was held for the medalists of the super-combined. At this time Dr. Irene
Epple-Waigel honored the successful medalists, who were very delighted.
Tomorrow on Friday evening (1st March) a discussion between the young people of Germany / Bavaria
(specifically BGSJ) and the athletes of different nations will take place in the pavilion. The topics are: Culture -
Sports - Training in different countries. This discussion will be held after the official medal ceremony of the
giant slalom. The youth are excited about what the athletes have to tell to them. Perhaps some will be role
models for the youth?

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News 26.03.2013

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