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Under the direction of Peter Fiebiger, Vice-President of the German Deaf Sports Federation - Public Relations
the press conference took place in the City Hall, where Irene Epple Waigel, Patroness of the World Deaf Alpine
Skiing Championships, Fritz Erhart, Mayor of Nesselwang, Mike Schmauser, ICSD Technical Director Alpine
Skiing, Karl Schmid, Chairman of the ski club Nesselwang and Birgit Willmerdinger, Head of the Organizing
committee, as well as local media representatives and the deaf OC team employees were attended to it.
After active interchange of information with answering questions of the journalists and media, there was
unanimous agreement that the World Ski Championships will be a very well organized event, especially by
reasons of the generous snowfall in the last few days.
The opening ceremony will begin on 23rd February at the Alpspitzbahn at 17:00. After then the VIPs, athletes,
officials, guests and tourists will go together through the town Nesselwang to the Champions Park, where the
1st World Deaf Championship will be opened solemnly.


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News 26.03.2013

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